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What is Primal Health Coaching and what makes it different?

Primal, also known as Ancestral or Genetically consistent, coaching is a unique blend of lifestyle modifications, habits, nutritional patterns, movement frameworks (regardless of what type of workout you like,) sleep hygiene, bio-hacking, and stress management protocols.

The core tenant is this, which is why it works for nearly everyone. Regardless of bio-individuality (which is where we focus when we are actually working together), humans need basically the same things to be optimal and these are passed down from 2.5 millions years of trial & error as a species.

You will find these things in a Primal style of coaching (my style) that you may not in others

Massive interplay of light sources on circadian rhythm (light/dark cycles) on every aspect of being human

Paleo style nutrition (fat/protein emphasis) - the key is to get amazing at running off of fat

A mix of high intensity muscle-centric lifting with priority on enjoyable low impact consistent aerobic movement. Lots of people go wayyyy too hardddd

Nature exposure - we are built to be outdoors and the name of the game is give our body as many of those cues as possible

Stress management - chronic, low-grade (or high-grade...) smoldering stress is one of the biggest problems of our age

Hormonal balancing - The hallmark of living in line with how we always have is stable all day energy

More Vitality. More Sovereignty.

I have one goal with all my pursuits. Increase my toolkit to increase my daily feeling of aliveness. Nutrition, Hydration, Movement, Sleep, Food Systems, Stress management, and Nervous System work are all tools to pull the levers of our metabolism (energy) and increase the richness of our time. Which toolkit can I help you discover for yourself?


Change makers in the health,

agriculture, and the business world

Normal people upgrading their health and

freedom by simply changing their water

Primal Health Coaching

Unleash Your Blueprint

Sustainable Lifestyle Change

  • All Day Energy
  • Hormonal balancing
  • Satiating, ancestral nutrition
  • Muscle-centric building
  • Slow, sustainable movement
  • Mindset
  • Nervous system/stress management




Full tutorials, videos, and insights on growing the most nutrient dense baby plants on earth

Permaculture, Medicinals, Teas

Rivercliff Farm, a 327 acre farm in Weaverville, NC stewarded by myself and Justin Gardner (my great friend and farming + water partner) is our playground for permaculture, food forests, sacred geometry, medicals, and heirlooms


Water filtration and ionization for health, sustainability, agriculture, and business

No one talks about water

Co-founder, Appalachian Water Collective

Water touches all life and it's been my amazement that 99% of people (including myself) have no idea about the restorative power of the TYPE of WATER we consume. Learn more about the power of filtration and ionizaton to reduce inflammation, have more clarity, reduce recovery time, and heal faster.


Nothing is getting cheaper. Healthy food certainly isn't. Are you trying to build a passion-based lifestyle but terrified of leaving a financially secure position (even if you're miserable) because of the security it provides (plot twist, there is no such thing?)

The only solution is to give yourself more ways of providing security. I can give you at least two!

Vital Tools

Want tools for physical health, self-discovery, and wealth creation?

Alexander Corey

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