What would extra income each month without any additional time cost allow you do to?

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Ok, I get it, sort of, but what about the...

If you are anything like me, you are going to have lots of specific questions.

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An extra $500 can be 5 days work in a hourly gig...

What are you going to be able to pursue?

  • Fitness: The most common reason my clients don't focus on their health is financial stress
  • Growing Food: That's a lot of loads of compost
  • Time Saving Gadgets: I had one friend buy a very expensive automated cat litter cleaner (ah, the wonders of tech)
  • Invest: Roll into bigger Investments for GREATER CASH FLOW

Or, if you have a vision of your long term financial freedom, I know a way to multiply that free money (HINT, it's what I did)

Alexander Corey

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