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Chemical-Free Growing

Become less reliant on the 3 day Just-In-Time food system and maximize self-sufficiency and nutrition. Grow your own!

Let me save you some time

From the organic fruit/aquaponic farms of Hawaii to permaculture and electroculture of Western North Carolina, I have a decade of growing a little of everything, and made a business out supplying nutrient-dense greens to the southeast US. How can I help you grow?

  • Microgreens
  • Aquaponics
  • Garden Design
  • Permaculture
  • Electroculture + Experimental
  • Food Forest Abundance

Growing with Ionized Water

Natural acceleration

-Total pH control (no more plastic-based products)

-Built in pest/herb/fungul control with HOCL

-Rapid germination via extra oxygen

-Increased tolerance to salinity

-Extended post-harvest durability

-Resistance to transplant shock


For yourself or biz

Full courses, tutorials, supplies, podcasts, and raw information from years of growing in a house or our own farm - KC Gardens, and other successful growers in the business

Food Forest Design - Rivercliff

Rivercliff Farm, on 327 acres of wildlife habitat, stewarded by Justin Gardner and myself is home to a commercial greenhouse, caterpillar tunnels, and lots of medicinal herbs, rare teas, and mad science experiments.

Longevity teas

Medicine everywhere

Soil Ionization

Vital Tools

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