Unleash Your Blueprint In 90 Days

Imagine peak physical performance, boundless energy, control over cravings, sound deep sleep, and re-syncing with natural rhythms? Make your metabolism work for YOU!

A decade of searching for sustainable and practical tools for growth Customized, Fundamental, Ancestral Strategies

  • Sustainable nutrition to re-train Metabolism for Efficiency & Flexibility
  • Movement modalities for both Performance and Recovery alike
  • Lifestyle strategies for Stress management, Sleep, Regeneration
  • Habit building protocols for consistent, lifelong transformation
  • Mindset training for building VISIONS and GOAL acquisition
  • Harmony with natural signals and rhythms

I've journeyed through all dietary patterns, food cultivation, and physical training to my current framework that honors our ancestors & genetic expectations for Energy, Vitality, Recovery, and Balance with Natural Rhythms

There is no one on earth like you

Your genes, your mindset, your visions, your struggles

This is your gift. You have inherited 2.5 million years’ worth of pressure- forged raw genetic potential that carries with it miraculous abilities.

You have a literal lightning bolt’s worth of energy stored in all your mitochondria (energy factories of your cells)!!

All that you are – body systems, tissues, organs, microbiome, muscles, thoughts, emotions – all of it represents the most complex machine known to man. As intricately woven as the galaxies above.

Yet, I’m guessing that something is missing.

  • Not feeling recharged when you wake up (multiple cups of coffee needed?)
  • Feeling annoyed and trapped by an energy roller coaster of snacks and stimulants ala “grazing?”
  • Feeling controlled by your body and environment rather than IN-control?
  • Constantly running at 70% STRESS LEVEL?
  • Not looking or feeling athletic looking as you would like?

Any one factor of your beautiful blueprint may hold the key to optimal health, and all factors should be addressed. Everyone is great at some and lacking in others. Awareness of our strengths & weaknesses is the only true launch point.


[RE] Train Your Metabolism to be a Fat Burning Machine Through Ancestral Pillars

Ancestral Nutrition

Satiating, whole foods that keep blood sugar and insulin down to eliminate hunger and re-train your body to burn fat (your most abundant energy source)!

Fundamental Movement

The perfect combination of muscle-centric movement built on cardivascual health, mobility, stability, and energy balance

Sleep, Recovery, Alignment

Synchonization with our built-in cycles, optimal sleep, and recovery mechanisms that allow our bodies to self-heal as they are designed to

Stress Management

Tools to migitate and deal with the monkeywrench in our modern way of life - chronic stress

You are more than your genes

Epigenetics gives us direct control over our health again.

None of us can change what we are born with - but through our daily actions we can control what genes we turn on and shut off.

The keys to YOUR OPTIMAL HEALTH start with providing your blueprint with the signals that code for your very thriving

So why do we feel so lethargic, brain-fogged, unmotivated, untapped?

Learn how hormones control our daily experience of well-being and how to optimize them without popping pill's or becoming an expert on bio-hacking (although that's pretty cool too)

What do clients notice when they align their

nutrition, movement, mindset, & lifestyle?

Consistent Energy

Calm, stable energy from balanced hormones

Reduced Appetite/Hunger

Train your body to efficiency use resources

Clarity & Productivity

Learn how to optimize mental clarity

Physical, Mental, Spiritual Service

What would a jump from 20% to 80% do for your performance?


What do you get in your 12 weeks?

Personalized Coaching

Tailored habit coaching for your GOALS, STRUGGLES & VISION

  • Nutrition
  • Optimal Lifestyle
  • Fundamental Movement

Weekly Check-Ins

Weekly check-ins and coaching calls to go over this week's goal and last week's barriers and lessons. 24/7(ish) contact to keep you on track!

Your Visions chunked down each week!


Weekly lessons on how to pull the levers on your metabolism via ancestral nutrition, movement, lifestyle.

Learn how to have sustainable energy

Tools & Resources

Nutrition Tracking & Habit Tracking

-Movement routines

-Curated resources and total human optimization

Habit Training

Learn how to communicate directly with your subconscious mind to install YOUR CHOICE of automatic patterns for your vision


You will develop the lasting systems, protocols, and frameworks to trust yourself in achieving any goal you place in front of yourself

What Our Collaborative Partnership Includes

  • Weekly 40 minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call to Review, Visualize, Plan
  • Digitally Delivered curriculum: discover how ancestral nutrition concepts, movement, circadian rhythm, lifestyle, stress management, and mindset all play a critical role in slowly un-conditioning our minds and bodies to awaken our genetic blueprint for effortless fat burning, energy, mood, and weight management
  • Daily Actions to build accountability and neural networks until you are running on autopilot
  • Simple & sustainable habit change protocols
  • Bio-hacking: there are no shortcuts to doing the work but there are tools to accelerate the process
  • Library of instructional videos
  • Community of Health Nuts who are constantly learning about themselves and experimenting!

My Process

Book Free 15 Minute Discovery Call

Collaborative coaching models only work if we are on the same page. During our brief chat, we'll see if my experience, framework, and strategies are right for you.

This is not for you if:

You don't like self-experimenation.

You are not willing to find your baseline through some discomfort.

You want quick results that may or may not stick

You are not open to learning how different foods affect your energy, mood, sleep.


Once you decide I am the right person to walk by your side in your journey

You give me the raw down low on where you have been: emotionally, nutritionally, physically, spiritually WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Breakthroughs in breaking past cycles and forming new ones requires lots of self-awareness and data!

Visualize and Plan

We get extremely vivid on where you want to be at the end of our time together

We will undergo an exercise that places you in a very calm creative state where you can articulate what your future health looks like in vivid detail

Weekly Execution and Support

You get access to weekly course material on

Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset, Growth, and Habit formation

Weekly calls and daily reminders

Customized coaching to move your 1% forward every day

Ready to collaborate?

Alexander Corey

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